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      The current World Water Speed Record Holder Ken Warby & son Dave currently have the new Spirit of Australia II well under construction. And again will return to Blowering Dam N.S.W. Australia  to Challenge the Unlimited World Water Speed Record.

Below, 8th of October 1978, Ken Warby prepares to break his second and current world water speed record  at a speed of 317.60MPH . Becoming the first man in history to break the 300MPH & 500KMH barriers , Ken Warby is the first and only Australian to hold an unlimited speed record,  the first man in history to design-build & drive a boat to an unlimited speed record, which he still holds today


                                           The current U.I.M World Water Speed Record certficate


The sign erected  by the Tumut community at Blowering Dam N.S.W to acknowledge Ken Warby's two world water speed record's. The community of Tumut N.S.W are loyal supporters of Ken Warby , Warby Motorsport is looking forward to returning to Tumut & Blowering Dam again to break another record with Spirit of Australia II.
Ken after his return run on the 8th October 1978. re-writing the record books again with 317.60 MPH average speed on the two runs,

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