WARBY Motorsport
"The Worlds Fastest Team on Water"
KAMIKAZE HYDROPLANE               Ed Karelsen designed  4 Litre V8 Lexus Quad cam Hydroplane

Warby Motorsport has just finished building a brand new 18.5 ft long, 4 litre V8 Hydroplane , This was scratch built by Dave Warby in Newcastle N.S.W Australia, Designed by Legendary American Hydroplane designer & builder Ed Karelsen, Ed has been a long time friend of the Warby's and was only to happy to assist with designing drawing up the plan's of the new boat. Dave built the boat in his spare time on weekends's and evening's, As Dave is an APBA registered reinforced cockpit builder, he built the cockpit, as well as all the hardware for the boat,wiring, paintwork and engine setup himself.

Dave decided to power the boat with a Lexus 4 litre Quad cam V8 engine with some mild modifications,  set it up with a Nascar style intake & carby, and an MSD ignition system, and has an Argo V-drive gearbox,  the boat also has an onboard air system & two-way radio.

The boat has just had it's first trial run which was very successful with the boat getting on the plane easily, steering well, and tracking straight, Kamikaze will under go a few more trails before racing to ensure everything is working well and in order.

Dave would like to thank family & friend's for their time and assistance with the hydroplane, especially son Luke who spent alot of time on the project with Dave,


   Please watch the slideshow below, see a hydroplane go from the plans to the water


                                                   Below, Watch a Hydroplane being built from the Plans thru to hitting the water
Below, Dave put's Kamikaze in the water for the very first time in August 2012, and christened her with a "Darwin Stubby" ( 2 litre Aussie Beer ) after a successful first trail run. onboard video will be uploaded soon.
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