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February 2017

Spirit of Australia II now has the air starter system removed and the new electric start conversion fitted and working very well. The boat has now been dismantled and being prepared for Painting,  Warby Motorsport is proud to announce the support of two Australian companies who will support our project. Norglass Specialty Finishes will be our Paint supplier for the boat, Norglass is an Australian own and made product,  We are pleased for have them as part of our project


We are also proud to announce Penrite Oils as our  lubricants partner for the Project, Penrite Oils is an Australian owned & made product, Penrite will be developing the turbine oil to be run in Spirit of Australia II, The Team will also us many other products made by Penrite, Lubricant sprays, Greases, cleaning products , Warby Motorsport are proud to be Brand ambassadors with Penrite



June 2016
Warby Motorsport has now out Spirit of Australia II on it's Tri axle trailer, and has completed the fit out of the boat, engine testing will soon be undertaken, with on water tests to start soon after.. Stay tuned !!!!!!!!!

March 2016

The Team at Warby Motorsport have continued to make good progress on Spirit of Australia II, the windscreens have been done, the engine gauges & sender units have been wired up, foot pedals, throttle cables, and shut down cables are in the boat, batteries and heavy starter cables are all in the boat,

The Team hope to test fire the jet engine for the first time in June,  then the boats off to be painted !!

Below, Ken & Dave Warby with Spirit of Australia at the National Maritime Museum , Darling Harbour Sydney in March 2016
December 2015

Time for a well over due project update, Ken, Dave & the Team have been making good progress on Spirit of Australia II, the Trailer has been built over the past year for the boat is now fully finished, the boat has the fuel system completed, the steering system is now completely finished, the Windshield is being formed at the moment, 

The Wiring for the engine and boat is now being done, then the boat will be prepared for it's finish paint work, this being one of the final tasks to be completed on SOA II

Ken has made a visit to Blowering Dam, Tumut N.S.W to make arrangement's for Spirit of Australia II to work it's way up to speed via trial runs, the Dam is in perfect order, even though it's at 40% capacity, the length of the dam is still more than suitable for a World Water speed Record run,, The Local community of Tumut have provided a warm welcome for the team, and have arranged a Workshop for the team to set up a base to work from

In the First Quarter of 2016 Warby Motorsport will commence Social Media sites, such are Facebook, and a new Record Challenge website, Ken & Dave are also working on Sponsorship and marketing in the background

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October 2014,

Over the past few months construction of the Hull on Spirit of Australia II has been completed, the wiring and plumbing on the engine has started, the trailer  for the boat is soon to be under construction, Ken , Dave and the team are very pleased with the progress of the boat, all is still on target for a mid 2015 launch of the boat, with testing to commence 

May 2014

The Month of May has seen good progress on Spirit of Australia II, the woodwork is now fully completed which was a huge milestone for the team, the hull now needs a final fairing and sand before it’s covered in dynel ( light fibreglass), then it’s ready for paint, the hull is now full of floatation, and the one piece engine cowling has been constructed, as well as the air intake adaptor, the engine has been re fitted,  now the sender units off the engine have been removed and are being calibrated to the cockpit gauges. The wiring harness is being developed to suit the boat; all lifting lugs have now been fitted into the hull


The core foam for the air intakes and outer fiberglass skin of the intakes is being done now, then we are into fit out stage of the project, such as the cockpit, steering, and wiring, the project is still on track to test later this year

As Sprit of Australia II moves from the construction phase to testing, a dedicated WWSR Challenge website will be up and running to cover the progress of our test program, and our World Water Speed Record attempt, and cater for our sponsors, this website will continue for Warby Motorsport history and general team information




March 2014

 Warby Motorsport continues to make good progress with Spirit of Australia II, over the past few months has seen significant work completed, this includes the steering components from the cockpit to the hull, Battery boxes, the floatation put in the front of the hull and around the cockpit, front lifting straps final fitted, both fuel tanks final fitted, plus the commencement of the deck being added,

Now with Rob Blackadder (Former RAAF Jet engine mechanic & a member of the RAAF apprentice team for Spirit of Australia in 1978) has taken charge of Spirit of Australia II’s jet engine program, Rob is currently working on the engine operating systems to be fitted into the boat, and converting the Rolls Royce Orpheus engine from air start to electric start using a GE j-34 starter motor , Rob has been working closely with Dave Appleby ( Former RAAF wing commander & a member of the 1978 RAAF team for Spirit of Australia’s 1978 317.60MPH world record), who is the team’s Safety and Maintenance Systems Manager

 Peter Hayes continues to machine & fabricate the necessary hardware for Spirit of Australia II, such as lifting straps, internal brackets for the steering, quadrant and the rudder for the boat

The team has also had a visit to the workshop from the town management, rotary club and local government from the Tumut area to inspect Spirit of Australia II and start some pre planning work for our upcoming test runs and record attempt on Blowering Dam in the near future, more news on this visit to follow future updates.

 Warby motorsport will also soon be announcing its team for the World Water Speed Record Attempt shortly




December 2013

December has seen excellent progress on Spirit of Australia II. The engine cowl plug has been made and a mold taken of it. the cockpit has been final fitted, The 2 fuel tanks have been finished and trial fitted in the boat, beautifully fabricated by Barry Pryor from Taree , both tanks have been baffled and sumps added.

Construction has started on the nose and battery box / steering hatch area on the front of the hull, we are on track to start putting the deck on the boat in mid March, this will complete all the woodwork needed on the boat, before the deck is added the boat will be filled with a closed cell foam for floatation  .

Later in the year Warby Motorsport will announce our team  for our World Water Speed Record Challenge, this will include some of the original 1977-1978 Spirit of Australia world record team, we are very pleased have back on the team for Spirit of Australia II

 Dave Appleby and Rob Blackadder ( both former RAAF support crew from the 1978 317.60 MPH world record run) have now taken over systems management and engine management programs on Spirit of Australia II, Their expertise and experience will play a vital role in out up coming test runs and record attempt.

August 2013

Good progress continues at Warby Motorsport , we now have cast the air intakes to suit the Rolls Royce Orpheus and fit around the cockpit, the air intakes have taken many weeks to carve and shape to ensure the most effective passage for the air to flow, as the bigger Rolls Royce Orpheus needs a lot more air than the older J-34 ( as used in Spirit of Australia and Aussie Spirit) the intakes are slightly larger to maximize the thrust at speeds in the 300-400MPH range.

Team member Peter Hayes has the steering components under construction , such as machining the steering quadrant, rudder and rudder brackets , Plus the fuel tanks have now been finished and will be fitted shortly, the cockpit now has the seat and dash fitted. we have also started to shape the fore deck of the hull.

Our attention in the coming months will be to fabricate the engine cowlings, fit the steering components to the cockpit and hull and building the fore deck hatches and battery boxes, and start plumbing the fuel system.

June 2013

Warby Motorsport has made solid progress over the past few months on Spirit of Australia II. The team have now completed the sponsons and cockpit had be built and is now fitted into the hull, The fuel tanks have been fabricated and trial fitted into the hull , now they will be sent away to have the hose and filler fittings welded to them for final fitting. Dave & Ken have also re balanced the boat by moving the engine forward and the jet engine mounts are now final fitted to the hull, the tailpipe has received a slight extension in the process. Ken done the calculations for the air flow needed for the intakes and this has been carved out of urethane foam, and has now been moulded. We have also received our first lot of parts back from the machine shop, this includes steering components such as pulleys, bracing brackets and sponson fins and backing plates.

The attention over the next few months will continue to fit the hull out, with the cockpit seat, dash, foot pedals, harness bracing, steering column  and air supply  tank brackets to be fitted, the rudder and steering quadrant are currently being machined, Ken will start on the engine plumbing and starting system in the coming months

The boat had been under construction for approximately 14 months to date, the team is extremely happy with the progress being made considering every one in the team  construct the boat in their spare time , We are confident of producing a boat completed in good time ready for test runs

February 2013

Warby Motorsport has continued to make progress with Spirit of Australia II, the bottom of the hull is now completed, with epoxy,dynel, carbon fiber and paint all applied, the hull has now been rolled over and is sitting upright for the first time, the engine has been test fitted and the engine mounts are now all fabricated ready for final fitting. The team's focus will now be fitting out the hull with fuel tanks, steering/rudder etc and engine operating systems, the drivers cockpit is now well under construction. with the build time of the boat currently under 12 months to get to this stage, the team is extremely happy with the progress being made.

November 2012

Welcome to Warby Motorsport.com, we finally have a website up and running to keep fan's of  the world water speed record informed on what we are up to, please have a look around our website, we have added literally hundred's of photo's from family album's covering the years of boat racing, drag racing and record breaking.

Our focus for now is in the workshop getting the boat completed and running, as we get closer to having the boat running we will then update the site more often.


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