Ron Walters

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It began with Ron’s wife Jenny’s years of friendship with Ro and Dave Appleby.  The Applebys would come for a visit and Dave would mix it with the Team at the Warby workshop.  Over the years and through this enduring friendship Ron has got to know Ken and David Warby and the Team.  Ron was born and raised in the Hunter Valley, he completed his baker apprenticeship at Gresford then was bitten by the travel bug, thus started his association with the tr

ansport industry.  Ron met his wife, Jenny, in Melbourne and quickly trucked her to New South Wales.  With the start of their family Ron set aside his wander lust and opened 2 hot bread shops in the Maitland area and in 1984 Ron became the Australian Champion Baker.  From there he purchased small acreage at Buchanan for his home, purchased more trucks, then opened a chicken shop.  When his sons, Brad and Adam, were gainfully employed in their chosen fields the businesses were sold and Ron joined the fuel transport industry.  Ron is now “retired” and potters on his property at Buchanan building this and that while keeping a bed free for Ken and any Team Warby visitors.

Ron is not on the technical side of the team, his is more of a personal involvement. After being caught up in the fervour that is “Team Warby”, seeing the professionalism and dedication by all involved Ron found it inspiring and reminded him that the ‘Aussie Spirit’ is still alive.  It is time for Ken to pass the baton to his son David and Ron passionately believes David will be successful and achieve a New Water Speed Record.