Spirit of Australia II

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Spirit of Australia II is the new second generation, Outright Unlimited World Water Speed Record Challenger by Warby Motorsport, the boat has taken 5 years to complete. Designed by Ken Warby, Spirit of Australia II is an new & improved version of Ken’s World Record holding boat, the original Spirit of Australia,  Ken & Dave analysed the information collected from Ken’s 2 world records in Spirit of Australia, then set about making small improvements in the hull design to ensure the new Spirit of Australia II would be a record breaker.

The improvements made includes the boat being slightly longer, sponsons altered, balance ( CoG) powerplant change, rudder modifications and safety. Spirit of Australia II has close to 50% more power than the original boat,  Powered by a Rolls Royce Orpheus 803 Ex Italian Air Force engines, removed from a Fiat Gina G-91 jet fighter. Construction of Spirit of Australia II was lead by Dave Warby, (an experienced boat builder & UIM & APBA accredited  reinforced cockpit builder) along with the Warby Motorsport Team.

Safety has come along way since Ken drove Spirit of Australia in 1977 & 1978 to a World Record, in fact Ken didn’t have seat belts, Warby Motorsport believe the safest thing you can have is the right boat design, knowing what works & what doesn’t on water, Plus experience, you must understand what you are driving, as there are no second chances here, despite this, Spirit of Australia II does feature the latest in safety equipment, featuring a reinforced cockpit, 6 point harness ,HANS Device, the latest Lifeline on-board air system, GPS tracking system, two way radio system, 3 stage on-board fire extinguisher system.  Spirit of Australia II also has an on-board flotation system.