Ian “Flo” Field

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Originally from Sydney Australia, Ian joined the Royal Australia Air Force in 1978 as a RAAF Apprentice Engine Fitter at RAAF School of Technical Training (RAAFSTT) Wagga.

As a 16 year old RAAF Apprentice, Ian met current Warby Motorsport Team Mates, Rob Blackadder and Dave Appleby. In those days we were much younger and much better looking! Now we like to think of ourselves as older and distinguished.

Rob Blackadder was also a RAAF Apprentice, and Dave Appleby was the Flight Lieutenant In charge of their training.

Like Ian, Rob and Dave played pivotal roles in the 1978 world water speed record set by Ken Warby’s Spirit of Australia in 1978 a speed of 317mph on Blowering Dam.

Ian went on to serve at a number of RAAF Bases during his air force career, including Williamtown NSW and Butterworth Malaysia gaining experience on fast jet aircraft.

After leaving the RAAF in 1990 he became an expatriate worker in Saudi Arabia stationed in Dhahran working as an Aircraft Specialist where he saw active service during the Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm Conflicts.

Upon his return to Australia in 1999, Ian worked as Licence Aircraft Maintenance Engineer on commercial regional passenger and freighter aircraft in Sydney.

In 2006, Ian moved to Gerringong on the NSW South Coast where he has owned and operated distilleries and breweries for the past 11 years.

Ian’s interests include flying, distillery designing and building.